Celebrating Youth Talent Showcase - If you can dream it....you can be it!

Laval W. Belle, Producer/Writer

Laval W. Belle, highly respected music veteran, author and playwright has authored five thought-provoking publications and as an accomplished musician, played for several well known artists such as Bette Midler, George Benson, Andre Crouch, Kirk Franklin, Earth, Wind & Fire, KebMo, Billy Preston, Barry White, Aretha Franklin, Brian McKnight

Belle co-founded the inspirational youth talent showcase, Celebrating Black Youth in 1994 with Sharon Debbie  and remains committed to impact all communities with a message of hope and reconciliation.

Sharon Debbie, Director/Writer

Sharon Debbie works as an actress, director, private coach and  teacher of the Sanford Meisner Method of Acting for 17 years at the highly respected Joanne Baron/D.W. BrownStudio in Santa Monica, CA.  Amongst her proudest achievements are co-founding Celebrating Black Youth, with Laval W. Belle in 1994 where she writes, directs, cultivates and exposes the gifts and talents of young people from multi-ethnic backgrounds across the country, West Angeles Teen Fellowship where for ten years she taught and mentored youth ages 12 -19 and currently as co-director of Kids In The Spotlight, a nonprofit organization teaching foster care and underserved youth how to write, act, cast and star in their own 10-minute short films.  Her constant goal is to lead and encourage people to reach their potential and adopt a,”My dreams can come true” mentality, for lives to be transformed and purposes fulfilled.

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